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License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Our fully integrated license plate recognition system (LPR) is a particularly successful example of how the different DESIGNA products complement modern parking management in one efficient tool. Upon entry and exit, the card holder is identified by license plate recognition and unequivocally matched to his or her ticket. All this is done completely automatically and with the greatest possible reliability.

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Parking just a mouse click or a finger tap away

Bring every parking lot to your Smartphone App and any Internet Website. Thanks to ilogs, your static car park information (CI, logos, pictures, key-visuals, available services, opening hours, tariffs/rates) is instantly available online. Furthermore, Smartphone and Internet users get dynamic information like occupancy-levels of all your car parks. Link to eCommerce modules like PreBooking, Mobile Ticket Payment or Customer Portal available.

And you don’t need to maintain App and Web data separately. All your content details are configured once and appear simultaneously in your App and on your Web. If you already have a Smartphone App up and running, content can be integrated.

ParkingHQ© Contract Parker

Season Parking made easy and efficient

Season parking tickets offer highest convenience for those of your customers who frequently go in and out of your car parks for a sustainable period of time. However, obtaining such a ticket in the past was an inconvenient burden, hindering widespread success. Furthermore, administration of contracts, parking card production and invoicing/billing was a labour-intensive, costly process. Now, thanks to ilogs and ParkingHQ Contract Parker, season tickets can be easily booked online, and your back office, administrative workflows are optimized, automated and yet more flexible. And so is your invoicing/billing process. Pure convenience. Pure efficiency. 

ParkingHQ© Reporting


Consolidated reporting of your relevant parking data made simple


No longer you have to look up and match native application reporting from your CPMS, your back office or service systems to get the whole picture. Thanks to ilogs, ParkingHQ Reporting Server provides you with a web-based reporting portal, which contains relevant reports, analysis and statistics. Now, your parking business data is in a single place, convenient and most of all, comparable over different data sources. Your different data sources are fully customisable, and so are your reports and analysis.

ParkingHQ Reporting Server comprises of 25 of the most important parking reports in its standard version.