Paper Tickets

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Generic Wide/Narrow Strip Tickets


DESIGNA New Zealand standard 6.35mm or 12.7 mm magnetic strip ticket with centre track. Abrasion-resistant colour, non sticky, smooth and burr free 215gr/sqm paper.– 16,000 tickets/carton.


Generic Polymer Wide Strip Tickets


DESIGNA AUSTRALIA standard 12.7mm magnetic strip ticket with centre discount track. Tritex paper specifically for use in areas of high humidity and moisture.

Art-Specific Tickets

We can offer a range of customised tickets including your logo, contact us for a quote.

Cleaning Products




Magnetic read/write head cleaner. Non – flammable water based fluid for cleaning oxides and dirt from magnetic read/write heads. Does not harm plastics or rubber, leaves no residue, dissolves light grease and oil – 250ml pump spray.




General cleaning. 99.7% pure Isopropanol for any technical cleaning such as magnetic read/write heads. Leaves no residue – 250ml pump spray




Rubber roller restorer. Non-toxic, non-flammable solvent pump spray for cleaning and restoring grip for all types of rubber rollers. Restores roller flexibility, leaves no residue, dissolves ink stains, oil and grease, reduces paper jams – 100ml pump spray


Cleaning Card


Cardboard cleaning card for use in conjunction with Headclene for cleaning magnetic read/write heads – pack 200


Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards


Cleaning waffles create a spring loaded cleaning system to reach into recessed areas of the acceptor, correcting acceptance errors due to dirty lenses and sensors, while effectively cleaning drive rollers and belts – pack 15


MC120 Cleaning Ticket


Dry use card for complete multicon cleaning from the feeding unit at the rear to the insertion slot

at the front – pack 10


Cardclene Swipe Machine Cleaners

Sachet packed plain cards impregnated with Isopropanol. Suggested for entry card reader, Smart Card, Chip & Pin and swipe readers – 20 long life sachets

Access Cards and Paper Items


MiFare /NORTECH Access Card


Creditcard size EMI /Proximity access card used in conjunction with proximity reader for controlled access.


Magnetic Stripe Access Cards


Self programmable magnetic stripe access card with centre or side stripe for staff, VIPs or other regular parkers.


Auto Pay Station Receipt Rolls


Thermal Roll, 110mm x 57mm. For use in Auto Pay Station.


Exit Receipt Rolls


Thermal Roll, 70mm x 57mm. For use in Exit terminals and Cashless Pay Stations.


Slimpark Ticket Roll


Thermal Roll, 180mm. For use in Slimpark.


Multicon Printer Ribbons


Printer Ribbon for use in multicon printers – entry terminals and automatic pay stations.

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